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Originally Posted by tk13 View Post
Certainly interesting to watch. While I agree that this might blow over as soon as Sanchez chunks another 9/24 night tonight... Pioli definitely has the ammo now to fire back and make anyone who flies a banner or puts up a billboard look like a classless jerk.

And he's going to win in the court of public opinion. Even this afternoon Chiefs fans are still getting killed on Twitter at a pretty steady rate. Its pretty amazing.
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Maybe, just maybe the people, majority or minority, large or small, who created this situation could just own it. While the rest of the Chiefs fans who DID NOT CLAP, SMILE, OR BREATHE a sigh of relief or joy could just allow those who did this be vilified for the scum they are. If both teams heard and commented on fans taking joy in a players injury before they had a chance to read PR points from Pioli or any other secret agent, then perhaps the PLAYERS PERCEIVED SOMETHING VERY DISTURBING happening with the fans in the stands and that energy could be heard and felt on the field.

Those of us who never wished Cassel injury, suffering, or death could move with their day not insulted or otherwise bothered by the downpour of legitimate criticism being leveled at those who acted inappropriately. We can also be honest enough to know that the treatment of Cassel up until his injury could cause honest and decent people to not give ALL Chiefs fans the benefit of the doubt.

Those of us who did not do this can get their knickers out of a twist and stop taking personally. They aren't talking about me when they are talking about ignorant, ruthless, uncivil, rude, pathetic people in Chiefs gear rooting for someone's injury. Those of us who do not act like that need not carry the burden of those who do.
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