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Originally Posted by Cassel's Reckoning View Post
Brady Quinn strikes me as a guy who will go out and throw 4 picks instead of checking it down.

Different kind of suck, incoming.
There's some truth to this.

Quinn will do more thing that actively piss us off. He'll fire a couple of balls downfield that miss their target by 5 feet and end up getting picked. He'll also force balls into coverage that you silently pray find grass instead of an opponent.

But as you've noted - it's a different kind of suck. It's a more hopeful form of suck where we can at least see the occasional flashes of what some of the talent on this team could do with a real QB at the helm....right before a backbreaking interception.

It's essentially like being caned instead of whipped. In the end, it's probably the best we can hope for.
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