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Originally Posted by Micjones View Post
Yesterday I heard people arguing that neither interception was Cassel's fault.
I've also heard that the interceptions WERE Bowe's fault. I call bullshit on both counts.

The first interception was a great play made by the defender to get a hand in and tip the ball up.
Wasn't Cassel's fault. Wasn't Bowe's fault.

The second interception was a bad throw. The ball was thrown high and to the back shoulder. A back shoulder throw on a crossing route going the other way. Horrible ball placement. Bowe had to leave his feet. That was definitely on Cassel.
Wrong. That was on Bowe. I hate Cassel as much as anyone, but Bowe should have made that catch. Not every pass from elite QBs are on target, and sometimes they throw high. Bowe wants to be paid like a top 5-10 receiver. A top 5-10 receiver makes that catch and so should he.
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