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Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
The Chiefs are absolutely turning on the fanbase. It's big fish, small pond bullshit.

They act like it's a ****ing privilege to be at Arrowhead on game days. I can't wait until this team is 2-12 at the end of the year and when they pan the stadium you can actually count the amount of people in the stands.
You know, early on a lot of the ChiefsPlanet was turning on Clay for his Decleration thread. Maybe not so much the actual thread, but what the thread stood for. The thread stands for the truth of the matter, and it was damn hard for some of the posters here to admit that sometimes the truth hurts. Many here that were chastising Clay are comming around a joining the reality of the situation.

Right now the Cheifs players are pissed at us. So be it. Once they win... with a real ****ing QB... and see what great folks we are... all will be forgiven. Maybe not publicly. But they will come around. Just like some of the posters here have to Cassel's Reckoning.
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