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Originally Posted by DaWolf View Post
I'm with Mellinger in thinking that got Hunt it really isn't all about the money. Hunt is smart. He knows that with wins and championships comes national notoriety, a national fanbase, merchandise sales, marketability, etc. But it all goes back to winning. Again, hindsight is what it is, but he went out at the time and got the No 1 GM on everyone's list. You don't do that if your intent is just to make money.

I suspect if things don't turn around quickly, he'll force Pioli out after the year, or force him to go get a QB...
^ This. If Clark was all about the money he would have just kept Carl as he was very good at making Lamar tons of cash and keeping Arrowhead sold out. Instead he went out and got the top GM on the market at the time which everyone in the media and 75%+ of Chiefs nation were stoked to get. What Clark has done was put someone he thought was competent do his job without Clark meddling. Now that he sees the disaster that his GM has done he will probably step in like a good owner should and right the ship.
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