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1. I had Elway as he was clearly a better QB than Fouts and a guy who I would want on my team in spite fo the fact he was a Bronco.

2. Manning in spite of his postseason woes. Bradshaw was a product of one of the greatest dynasties of all time. Almost anyone IMO could have led those Steelers and if Manning was on them I can only imagine what he could have accomplished.

3. Aikman

4. Dawson he was our last SB winning QB so there is some loyalty for me towards him.

5. Starr. Favre might have the numbers, but he is just as likely to cost you the game as win it.

6. Montana. IMO the second greatest QB of all time behind Unitas.

7. Warner. This was too easy.

8. Tom Brady. Marino was a better pure passer, but IMO Brady was the better QB.
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