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I'm going to throw out another thought... and while I will never root for the Chiefs in any form or fashion, I do believe in what you guys are doing and the message you're trying to send. It's not out of malice towards the team, you honestly care and that's what I support. I like seeing a grass-roots movement like this with the goal of shaking things up positively.

I think you could do the two banner thing if you wanted, but could the money be better spent?

Ok - here's my thought. Clayton obviously has some serious skills with video editing. (there you go man, the one time I say something positive about you... take it while you can) But, seriously ... put him in charge of the "video messaging".

You guys should do a Chiefs Fan PSA type of rollout... send him videos of you talking about your love of the Chiefs, favorite memories and why you want to save your Chiefs. I'm sure he could put together a series of nice videos that you could push out via the FB page, Twitter, etc.

Again, just another thought on getting creative and sincere with messaging.
Good idea.

God, that feels almost as bad as agreeing with Duhnese.
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