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Originally Posted by Inspector View Post
Wow, incredible, superb outstanding article Jason. With all the negative attention that idiot Winston has brought to the fans of his (hopefully) soon to be former team, it is great to have a national voice of truth speak out and in such a well done way.

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We cheered for the yardage on that play then we stopped and then when we saw Matt was down, stopped and held our breath. When he got up and walked off on his own, we cheered knowing he was going to be ok. Simple as that. Winston jumped to his conclusions only because he knows inside how lousy Cassel is at QB.
Yep Pretty accurate account of things. It's hard for me because Eric Winston is a friend that I have worked with for years. I want to stick up for him in this case. However, he is wrong to call out 70,000 fans the way he did. I get getting all caught up in the moment & sticking up for your QB, but if you're going to speak to the media, you need to be smart about it - The deal is, Eric Winston is a smart guy, though you wouldn't know it by the way he acted in this case.
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