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Originally Posted by Hoover View Post
I think keeping Pioli is the Chiefs best option. Do I have concerns? You bet I do, but installing a new GM means major change to the organization. That is why teams don't change GM's all the time. I'd rather have Pioli, whose grace period is over, than a new GM who will need time to get his people and philosophy in place.

The Chiefs suck on the field because of a lack of leadership by the head coach and QB. I know some of you think it comes from the GM and owner, I disagree. Ownership and the front office set long term strategy and philosophy.

I think Pioli knows that he has to hire a legitimate head coach. He needs to understand that while the Chiefs are shaped by his philosophy, its still the head coaches team.

I think that means Pioli needs to select a proven HC. A known entity. The new coach at Pioli need to have mutual respect for each other, otherwise its never going to work.

The QB thing is a given.

Pioli's had the opportunity to hire two HC's and he's failed twice. He had the opportunity to change quarterbacks and instead extended the contract of a complete failure.

Now you want to give him a 3rd chance?

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