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Originally Posted by Amnorix View Post
Sounds like many (the rational ones anyway) fault Pioli more for not having a backup plan for a guy who obviously didn't have much of a track record, and most importantly sticking with the guy when the performance was unacceptable after a few years. In other words not owning up to it being a mistake when the evidence became pretty clear.

Which is all I was really asking. Those who thought I was trying to defend Pioli have it wrong. First, if I try I'm just going to piss everyone off (see this thread), second, Pili will succeed or fail on his own. I'm not here to convince anybody of anything. I thought getting Cassel wasn't that bad a move in 2009 given the other options available at the time, but it sounds like the real crime in the eyes of most was sticking to a failed plan.
You are missing the main source for why everyone is irate with Fat Scott.

He has stubbornly tried to create the so called "Patriots Way" in KC, while ignoring the most basic premise of the "Patriots Way" which is the fact it is built on having a great franchise QB (Tom Brady).

Fat Scott has also tried to create a North Korea-type organization where candy wrappers on the floor are a bigger priority than winning championships.

Fat Scott has been given 4 years in KC to implement his way... he has failed.

Obviously you are too saturated with Bill Belichick's semen to see the realities of the situation here.

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