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Rally Against Pioli at the park during away games-who is in?

Public Rally against Pioli during away games

What if during away games, a group of 100+ fans met at a park nearby Arrowhead (such as Eastwood park 1.1. miles away/Blue Banks park 2.2 miles away)

Can cookout and get together with everyone bringing a posterboard sign with FIRE PIOLI on it and on it as well if they wish.

Local media will be at the scene and pics and video will be sent out and tweeted to every major member of the National Media.

Imagine the pressure of the Chiefs with the local news showing fans in masses gathered during away games all with Fire Pioli signs.

The Banner is a great idea, but something like this puts faces behind a movement. Will be a good way to socialize and meet new Chiefs fans as well.

Would be a good way to unveil the FIRE PIOLI and Tshirts too-the first 100 fans can get a Fire Pioli shirt free or for a discounted rate.

I'm sure we could get 100 members on here and alone easily. Cost would be very effective-just pay 25 cents for a posterboard sign and be creative.
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