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I don't know how much effort take or if it would even work but how about a 1st quarter boycott of the raiders game. This would send a louder message than money could buy. It shows fans are so pissed that we won't even watch this team against our most hated rivals. Get something up on save our chiefs and possibly with a sign up sheet. That way fans know others are committed to the cause also.
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usually the first quarter (eh...maybe the first few minutes actually) is the only time during the game we actually think we could win. the only time where you have a chance to feel a little...gulp....hope. walking in after the first quarter (eh...maybe the first few minutes actually) means walking into a game where most likely....hope has been dashed upon the jagged rocks of the shattered patriot way. you'd take away the best part of the game for me...the part BEFORE I'm reminded AGAIN just how horrible we are.
I understand where you are coming from but as long as fans are sitting in the seats nothing is going to change. This fan base is being bashed all over national media for what a very, very, small portion of the fans attending the game did. The organization has had, going on 4 days now, a chance to stand up for us and give us some respect back, but they haven't. I think the banner flying around is good but it's time to take this to the next level. If enough season ticket holders can get on board with this, myself included, it could be huge.

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