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Originally Posted by Amnorix View Post
So with my finely tuned senses and amazing powers of perception, I have detected some small modicum of dislike for Mr. Cassel, and for Mr. Pioli as well. I realize that the hatred of Pioli is for more reasons than going with Cassel, but it seems to me that not only is the Cassel deal a big part of why people hate him, but a part of why the Chiefs are losing so much, which also leads to hating the GM who built the team.

Putting aside the keep Orton option, which I'd agree the Chiefs should have done, what does ChiefsPlanet say Pioli should have done with the QB position? Clearly Sanchez is NOT an answer either, so Pioli made the right move in not spending a high 1st round pick on him. I'm also not aware of any Drew Brees to Miami level screw ups in terms of QB options that were ignored.

So what realistic move should Pioli have made, but didn't, at the QB position that pisses everybody off so much?

Heck, someone on here (GoChiefs) had a link on a post I saw explaining why Pioli should be fired, and the discussion of all the options he had other than Cassel were really pretty pathetic.

You can't put aside the "Keep Orton" option - it was the best option. They HAD the guy who they could win with as a stop-gap for the QBOTF, that they should have drafted. You only get so many chances to do the right things sometimes, or you end up where the Chiefs are now...
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