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Originally Posted by FAX View Post
I think a lot of Planeteers and Chiefs fans in general are still sipping the left-over Kool Aid that's been sitting in the back of the fridge for 3 years.

Roleo doesn't give a tinker's damn about winning. He doesn't give a damn about the Chiefs and he doesn't give a damn about the fans. He's here to wrap up the twilight of a career and support his old buddy, Dr. Evil.

People talk about his laid-back personality, but he hasn't always been that way and he doesn't have to be that way now. The fact of the matter is that the fire in old Roleo burned out some time ago.

Meanwhile, Piolio is sticking it to the fans whenever he can. He views us as a bunch of redneck, tractor riders who wouldn't know which fork to use at a dinner party. He's an elitist megalomaniac and we are the fly-over-state dumbasses who are supposed to snap up tickets for an 8 and 8 team and, when they don't, they need to #getaclue.

We're caught up in a perfect storm of absentee, mainly emotionally-detached owner, narcissistic GM, and indifferent head coach. At this point, caring about this team is, as Mr. Iowanian would say, akin to sending love letters to your bad girlfriend.

Cassel is a symptom. Not the disease. And that, my friends, is the sad, horrifying truth of it all.

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