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Its ironic that our GM prides himself on being a talent evaluation "specialist"...yet still maintains that Cassel is our starting QB. The only competition Cassel ever had in his four years here was with Orton for about 8 games last year. We let him walk off to Dallas for peanuts while keeping Cassel as the undisputed Stater for our team.

I can't help but think the FO has lost touch with reality. "We're going to bring in competition for the QB slot this year - Pioli" only they didn't. They brought in a borken Quinn and kept Stanzi who in all honesty probably doesn't belong on a professional team to begin with. (Neither does Cassel) Is Pioli willing to stake his reputation on Cassel? Because that is essentially what he has already done...and the chiefs have wasted four years on this "little" mistake.
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