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Based on this season...Arkansas has a new head coach that sucks ass. Under Petrino who runs a pro style of offense Wilson looked really good. At least Wilson called his teammates out for not trying hard and giving the same effort that they have in the past. He seems like a leader.

A) Petrino runs a 'pro-style offense' in the same way Dana Holgorsen does. Petrino ran a pure spread offense with deep crossing routes designed to allow Wilson to throw it up to his skill players. Wilson's reads were limited at best and he was rarely asked to go through progressions. No, Petrino did not run a conventional offense and in fact John L. Smith runs a far more conventional O than Petrion did.

B) Wilson called out his teammates in a game he didn't play. He seems like a shithead that would say "I can't throw the ball and catch it". If you don't think your teammates are trying hard, you tape up your ouchies instead of ducking Alabama and you get in their faces in the locker room. You don't, however, skip the game and then publicly throw them under the bus. What he's done is the exact opposite of what a leader should do. If Bray or Cutler did it, we'd call them turbo-douches for it.

In closing: Everything you said in this post is wrong. But you're welcome to continue seeing what you want to see in Tyler Wilson.
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