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Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
I have ears and have heard the fan video taken there.

Not to feed the trolls, but if you are actually interested - yes, some fans cheered. According to people who were actually there were a few that cheered Cassel's injury. Not because they wanted him hurt but because it meant they would finally see a change at QB and the long four year nightmare might finally be over. However, most of the cheering was for the result of the play (16 yard reception by Charles for a first down). The fan video clearly shows Bowe egging the crowd on. Most people didn't even realize Cassel was hurt at first.

You let the media ("70,000 fans cheered Cassel's injury!!!") influence you so you could come here and troll along with your buddies from putridpower or whatever that was with the "Chiefs fans are classless herp derp". If I let a small minority influence my opinion of the whole, I would assume that all Buccs fans are complete dumbasses based on what I've read today.
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