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Originally Posted by J Diddy View Post
Well there are a couple of things that jump out at me with your statement: 1) your wife has lived with you her whole life?
2)I don't know you so how can I take your word for it?

On the way Biden carried himself: First Obama seemed weak in the first debate, almost bullied, and took flack for it. Do you feel Biden appeared weak or disinterested? I did not.
LOL....she has been with me all of her MARRIED life. Sorry a Romney/Biden moment.

Not many people here truly know I guess you have a point.

As for your second paragraph....Obama was weak and had no real answers. Romney wasn't rude and belligerent to Obama in the same manner that Biden was to Ryan. Too many times he never let Ryan finish his point, which made him look rude and condescending. That turns people off....
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