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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
You've never seen an SEC tailgate then. Tent cities.

Besides, it wasn't even raining hard at 10am (and if there's anything I've learned about SEC tailgating/gamedaying its that if you aren't milling about by 10am then you're going to look like a n00b).
No, I haven't. Sorry. I suspect it's similat to what we do when the Chiefs play.

I'm in CA. I just saw the rain pouring during the game and a girl I know who was there texted me and said about 30% of the crowd got the hell out just before the delay was called. And from the looks of it, most did not return.

Although it's been years since I've been to Faurot Field (my last forays were 98 and 00) I didn't spend much time in the parking lot. The place wasn't real friendly to KSU folks when we were winning.
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