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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post

I just cant get enough of that video. Not that I want Obama re-elected, but there is one of the biggest "oh shit" moments in the history of "oh shit" moments ever in human history.

When Romney called Obama out, raise his eyebrow and subtly prompted Obama to respond (thinking he'd either spin it that he meant to say it was terrorism or try to walk his comment back, or whatever), Obama just says "please proceed" as if to say "I got ya, M F'er, I'm not saying a damned word, you just keep going". At that moment, Romney obviously suspected he might be in trouble, awkwardly turning back to Candy and stumbling, it was classic.
Obama lied, and the cow was wrong. The president called it a "terrible act." He did not call it "an act of terror." There's a world of difference.
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