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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Elaine McMillion and I am a documentary filmmaker and alumna of West Virginia University.

Today I was sent a link to a forum where Kansas State fans have been debating the following topic: Does Playing West Virginia hurt the image of our program?

Through this thread, KSU fans have been posting highly offensive and insulting remarks and comments about the citizens of West Virginia. There is a very big difference between satire and jokes about college teams and humiliating an entire state. These are the same stereotypes that have been used to ridicule our state for years and we believe that the NCAA should step in and correct this extremely offensive thread.

Please see the cached link here:

I have copied some quotes below (as they were posted), as well.

“west virginia is a disgusting drug addicted hillbilly with one tooth cashing his wellfare check to buy menthols and energy drinks and then tries to play a pick up game while passing by a park on the way back to his trailer to then only play a couple of plays before hitting the crack pipe and trying to start a fight. they're gross and i'd rather not be seen hanging out with them. i mean, what are schools like florida going to think?"

"Any time you send a team the caliber of ours into a crap hole like Morgantown it hurts our image. I know for a fact our team is going to be disgusted to even be there. Do they even have an airport for our team or do we have to get Mountain Men to guide us to that cesspool?"

"West Virginia has the lowest median household income in the US. My God someone needs to help them. Maybe we can start a charity that sends them new couches made of non-incendiary materials or something. Do you know how many beggars will be approaching LHCBS for money on his walk into the stadium? So sad."

"everyone here knows that i never wanted these toothless mouth breathing hillbillies in the conference to begin with and now we have to play them this weekend. "

“they don't even have electricity there. how in the hell are we going to play them at night? does coal radiation glow from their pores?”

“population around 2million and only 4 last names.... Yeah I'd say it hurts the image”

“I read an article about West Virginia and the primary source of protein in the state is turtles. disgusting…thats odd my article said semen”

“I appreciate the concern of the off-field hazards our 'Cats face in Morgantown. Yes, they face enraged meth heads, inbreeds, and the like in the stands, but it will only be for a few hours.

“Why don't we put together an old-fashioned food drive for our WVU conference mates?”

“It sucks that community like ours (urban, civilized, cultured, diverse, etc) has to share a screen with the backwards mongoloid hill-people. I know our reputation is great nationally and the other "KSU's" of the world (USC, Michigan, Texas, etc.) know that we hate being associated with WVU types, but will this hurt our image? Oh well, just get in, win, and get the hell out of there back to civilization.”

The citizens of West Virginia believe the NCAA should take this forum seriously and put a stop to these attacks.


Elaine McMillion
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