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Originally Posted by RockChalk View Post
Don't get me wrong, as a KU fan, it's fine to watch. But outside the scope of that, it falls well short of the standard that 30 for 30 has set.

It's really about a superfan with a camera blindsiding donors from thinking they are discussing KU hoops to asking them for millions of dollars. I don't buy it for one minute that Booth wouldn't have found out about the rules being put up for auction. Lovers of the film will argue that superfan got Booth on board. It's simply not true and superfan's own documentary proves it. Booth wanted nothing to do with it until Mark Allen had Bill Self call him.

The only thing I will give superfan credit for is that he somehow forced his way into Dr. Mark Allen's home at 11pm and convinced him to fly to Austin to talk to Booth. But Allen's wife had a hand in that convincing as well, plus I believe he felt it was a duty to his grandfather (Phog) to make this happen.

Ultimately, it all falls on Bill Self being who he is.
In the guys defense, he never intended for this to be a 30 for 30 documentary. The guy works at a production company and used the "documentary" excuse to get away from work and try to influence people to buy the rules and return them home. I think most of us KU fans can agree that this dude was over the top, and the way he presented himself in some of those situations was less than professional, but at the end of the day he did put forth a lot of effort to get this done. Could the rules have made it into Booth's hands without Josh? Probably. I don't think Josh is taking credit single handedly here. He was a passionate fan who sought after the guys that could make this happen, put some pieces together, went through some ups and downs, and actually put 100% into something he cared about... all while documenting the entire thing.

Only after he put the film together did ESPN come along and use his story for a documentary in the 30for30 series. As far as that's concerned, there has been no other college featured in a way that KU was featured last night, and that's something KU fans CAN be proud of, and SHOULD be proud of. Whether the guy was a goober or not is irrelevant. His efforts put Kansas and this story in the national spotlight for everyone around the country to see. If you're even half of a college basketball fan you can appreciate the story behind what Sotheby's described as "the most important piece of sports memoriabilia in existence". That's something to be pretty damn proud of as a Kansas fan.

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