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Originally Posted by RockChalk View Post
Yes, and once KU told him to think twice about it, he did, and had his assistant tell Josh he was out. Then Mark Allen and Bill Self talked him back into it. Side note - I thought this made KU bad just a little bit.
But that doesn't mean he wasn't interested. He absolutely was. Agree about KU coming off looking badly a bit, but as Zenger mentioned, there was no AD at that time. The whole department was clueless.

Yes, I did happen to watch it. Which is why I formed an opinion on it. And actually, if you watched it, you would surely remember the scene where Josh claims he showed up to Dr. Allen's house uninvited for a second time at 11pm. So yes, he did essentially force his way in where he begged Dr. Allen to do something more. And because I happened to watch the documentary, I also noticed that Dr Allen's wife helped motivate him to do more, as well as Dr Allen addressing that he wanted to help do it for his grandfather.
It's hard to force your way into a place where you are welcome, which he absolutely was at the Allen's house. You can tell by how Dr. Allen and his wife treat Josh. They say "Anything you need."

There is no doubt that Allen's wife was instrumental. They all were.

This is where I have my doubts. Superfan Josh certainly went out of his way to try to get people to do it. But it ultimately fell on Dr. Allen feeling compelled to take time out of his life to fly down to Austin, meet with Booth, and then call Coach Self.

I won't disagree with you that he brought this to their attention. But that is pretty much all he did.
It isn't all he did. He kept at it after Booth gave up. Booth wasn't going to make it happen at that point. He brought everyone together. None of it would have happened without him. No one else was taking the lead. No, he didn't buy the rules himself. No, he didn't ultimately convert Booth. But he did convince Allen. He helped get Self, Roy, and Brown's feelings on the subject known to Booth.

Nowhere did I say that anyone hated it. I didn't even claim that I hated it. I just didn't find it to be all that great. I believe I even claimed I was likely in the minority that didn't think it was the best thing I've ever watched, like most KU fans on Twitter and Facebook were doing last night around 8:15
I just don't understand your disdain for Josh. It's abundantly clear that KU doesn't get the rules if he doesn't do what he did. And no, it's not the best thing ever, but it wasn't ever intended to be a documentary. Swade was just using the filming as an excuse to fly all over the country to get this done. It was only afterward that all the footage was edited into a documentary.
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