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Originally Posted by philfree View Post
He's added alot of talent it's just all still young like the guys he inherited. He's failed at the QB position and that undermines all the talent that we have. That said there was more shit on this team then talent when he got here. I'm not apologizing for Pioli but the narrative that he took over a team loaded with talent that I've read lately is bogus. Like I said there's plenty of reason for fans to want Pioli gone without having to make that claim.
Loaded with talent? No. Did it have some cornerstone pieces to build upon? Yes.

The biggest problem is the QB position, but beyond that the team has become progressively worse.

In 2010, Pioli's 2nd year, the team had 10 wins, 14th in pts scored, 11th in pts against, 13th in point differential, and 5th in takeaway/giveaway ratio.

In 2011 the team had 7 wins, was 31st in pts scored, 18th in pts against, 29th in point differential, and 18th in takeaway/giveaway ratio.

In 2012 the team has 1 win, is 29th in pts scored, 29th in pts against, 30th in point differential, and 32nd in takeaway/giveaway ratio.

So from years 2 to 3 to 4 in the Pioli regime we've scored less points, given up more points, have become non-competitive (pt differential), and are turnover machines.

It's not just the lack of success - it's the progressively worse failure.
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