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Originally Posted by Buckweath View Post
OK, Hudson and Asamoah have been good to great 2-3 round OL picks.How can you all Hudson a good-great pick? I think he'll be good, but he's started a grand total of 4 games in his career.

Kendrick Lewis was a terrific 5th round pick. He's a been a good FS for this team despite what you'll hear some say. WRONG! I was a Lewis fan when he came out of SCar, but he has disappointed. He takes bad angles and doesn't tackle well.

Poe, well we can't judge yet.

Moeaki was a great draft pick... you know you can't blame Pioli for not knowing the guy was going to get an ACL after a great rookie season and take time to get back to the form he had in year one. Moeaki was not a great draft pick. 1. It was known he was always injured in college. 2. He can NEVER be considered a great draft pick when Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, and Dennis PItta were taken (in order) after him.

I personnally love McCluster but I know I'm in the minority. He sure could use better QB play though, just like Baldwin.

Really, the difference between a top 10 and a bottom 5 team in this league is not that big and if the Chiefs can get a top QB prospect for next season and good OC and HC, I swear Chiefs fans will stop saying McCluster and the likes are all scrubs.
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