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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
I agree 'Bama is going to win, but this isn't the reason why. I wonder if both coaches would perform the same if Saban had Snyder's level of talent and Snyder got Saban's. Snyder is amazing in the coaching realm.
This has always been a ridiculous talking point. Especially from the retarded aspect of our EMAW brethren.

Coaching IS recruiting. Mack Brown gets a ridiculous amount of criticism because he recruits well and doesn't win the Big XII every year. Same with Rick Barnes. They are both great coaches. And the argument that coach x could do so much more with others talent, discounts the aspect recruiting plays in making a great coach.

Saban is great because he gets a ton of talent on campus and closes the deal. Snyder doesn't recruit well, nor do his staff. But there is still a TON of talent at key positions. The best talent has come through transfers. Plus, EMAW has a real leader at the most important position.
Several weeks ago one of the phogtards said the talent level between KU and KSU was virtually the same. That the entire difference was coaching. Needless to say, that person just regugitates a talking point that has been repeated so often, it's taken as gospel.

Can the EMAW make it through to the MNC? Sure. But we are also just good enough to lose anywhere along the way. I'm here for the ride.

To the 'ship!
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