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Kindle Touch bites the dust

You're only allowed to touch the Paperwhite

By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor Get more from this author

Posted in Hardware, 22nd October 2012 23:35 GMT
Just a week after removing the jumbo-sized Kindle DX from its range of e-readers, Amazon has erased the Kindle Touch from its catalogue too.

The Touch was introduced just last year, as a mid-range e-reading option that improved on the eensy-weensy keyboard offered in early Kindles, and was rather more elegant to use than the four-way button on more recent pieces of kindling.

But the first 'readoslab' has not been able to survive the arrival of its brighter and similarly tactile brother, the Kindle PaperWhite, the Wi-Fi-only model of which usurped the Touch's US$119 price position.

There's more bad news for those keen on a Kindle, as Amazon says you can expect to wait four to six weeks before either Paperwhite model reaches your hands.

Not at all unexpected given the response to the Kindle Fire. Technology was just progressing too quickly for the standalone e-reader to remain a viable device for very long...
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