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Originally Posted by Chief Faithful View Post
So what I have learned todate.

The President knew it was an attack 20 minutes into a 7 hour battle.
The President did not mobilize to support 30 Americans under attack in a US Embassy immediately even though military assets were in the region.
The White House watched the attack unfold from a live camera feed.
The White House had prior warning of the attack so they knew what they were seeing.
The group responsible claims responsibility before the attack even concludes.

Then the President spends the next two weeks trying to convince the world it was a protest by a bunch of Muslim citizens protesting over a video they had not seen that got out of hand. Even goes as far as to scape goat the film maker and get him thrown in jail over a minor parole violation.

So Obama falsely accuses the whole Muslim community, blames the intelligence community, has Hillary take the fall, lecutures Romney on playing politics, scape goats the film maker, sends his whole team out to convince the world of a false storyline and tells the UN it was a reaction to a video. The whole time Obama was aware he was propagating a lie.

Remind me, who was playing politics???
No..No..No...didn't you hear Obama and Biden say that they did NOT KNOW it was a terrorist attack until WEEKS afterwards??? !

However, Obama said immetiately afterwards that a you tube video caused the attacks...
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