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As far as forcing the ball: that's not really been a habit of his in the past. To provide a little context for that game: he'd been on the bench, watching the team fall apart for 1.5 games at that point. He felt a lot of pressure to come in, be , and rescue this team. I think that's one reason for the forced balls. In the past, most Hog fans were grateful that he didn't have Mallet-itis in trying to force the ball and make the wrong play at the wrong time, and that was always a point of contrast between the two QBs.

I'm sort of puzzled by the leadership questions. Is it because of his comments about the team after the Alabama game? Once again, I'll just say that was him trying to come in and be the captain of a rudderless ship. Of course, it didn't work out. If, after his comments, the team would have responded, come in and destroyed Rutgers the next week, then I think everyone would be saying what a great leader he is. That the team responded to him calling them out. Unfortunately, this team had bigger issues that a QB getting vocal (or staying silent) weren't able to fix.

Anyway, he's a good QB.
Thanks for the context. I watched Mississippi State 2011 and LSU 2011 as well. I have a feeling a lot of the issues I have with him are being created by his offensive line. He was constantly under duress, especially in the LSU game, that was brutal. He is forced to make quick decisions and his accuracy suffers because of it. When given time he is quite accurate, but on occasion puts too much air under the ball. One thing that really impressed me was his ability to run to the left and throw across his body to the left side of the field. I would like to see it more, but what I did see was good. That's a tough throw for most to make, he did it with apparent ease.
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