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• OMG, Office 2013 comes with. You mean I can use this as a production device and not just a consumption device right out of the gate. /mindblown
• Forced to use Bing, which I hate. But hopefully that will change soon.

I will be using this as my home mobile device for a while just to see how it works compared to an iPad. So far, I’m skeptically impressed. I like the way they are going with it, I just hope MS doesn’t leave it in the dust like they do so many other things.
Watching some videos of Win8 generally makes this look like it lives in some weird reality where Apple went out of business years ago. Questions:

How's it work for things like streaming media out to external speakers or video receivers at your house? What do you use? Is there something built in? I'm guessing that if it is, then it requires an Xbox.

Even though it's running on ARM, are you planning on running AV and Anti Malware software on there? That seems like a big problem with their Intel version of the Surface.

I played with an Asus RT tablet the other night at Microcenter and found working within Windows Explorer with my finger to be maddening. Do you find yourself punting to the smart cover when you need to make a new folder?

Does the start screen/metro portion of the OS make enough sense for touch that you think it was worth it for Msft to integrate it so deeply into the desktop OS?

I really want Windows 8 to be something cool and useful...something that could really replace XP running in a VM for those times I need it. Right now, I'm not seeing the love.


- I'll never understand the "it has office it's for creation" comments in relation to the iPad since you can read and write in Doc format from Pages.
- I'm a big fan of using the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the iPad. It's the same keyboard they give out with iMacs and can't be beat. Check it out if you end up ditching the surface.
- You *really* would have thought that Microsoft would have avoided getting heat from the EU and DOJ by not jamming Bing down as a search provider.

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