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Keep in mind that I'm still playing with this so don't have it 100% figured out, but I will do my best to answer your questions. And for the record, I have been using iPads since the first one came out. Answers will be in red.

Originally Posted by DaveNull View Post
Watching some videos of Win8 generally makes this look like it lives in some weird reality where Apple went out of business years ago. Questions:

Windows 8 is a radical departure from the standard UI. It is more more based on the Windows phone UI, and is meant to be used on more of a touch screen environment. Mouse and keyboard work just fine, but since touch screen is where we are going as far as interface goes, this is the way the new OS's will be built Call it Apple-esque if you like, but it seems to me that Apple calls everything Apple-esque and that no one has had an original idea except Apple, ever. See patent lawsuits everywhere.

How's it work for things like streaming media out to external speakers or video receivers at your house? What do you use? Is there something built in? I'm guessing that if it is, then it requires an Xbox.

As for ports. There is a USB port for xferring data via external drive or flash drive, for mouse if you like, or full size keyboard, or for what ever else you have that uses USB. (Personal Note: This crushes iPad right here.) Second there is standard 3.5mm port for headphones and what not. Third there is a micro-HDMI port for all of your projecting/exporting to monitor/TV needs. In case you didn't know, HDMI carries sound as well. At least anything beyond the first model of HDMI.

Even though it's running on ARM, are you planning on running AV and Anti Malware software on there? That seems like a big problem with their Intel version of the Surface.

I played with an Asus RT tablet the other night at Microcenter and found working within Windows Explorer with my finger to be maddening. Do you find yourself punting to the smart cover when you need to make a new folder?

Let me get back to you on this, as I haven't gotten that far yet. It should also be noted that RT is not the full blown Win. 8 OS.

Does the start screen/metro portion of the OS make enough sense for touch that you think it was worth it for Msft to integrate it so deeply into the desktop OS?

Depends on the context. In a tablet sense like the RT, yes, it's really easy to use, and if you don't go all derp over how different it looks than a standard Win. OS, you can grasp it pretty easily. Using it say on a desktop, I could totally see how annoying it would be. There is however a patch that you can install that will make it look like a traditional Windows desktop.

I really want Windows 8 to be something cool and useful...something that could really replace XP running in a VM for those times I need it. Right now, I'm not seeing the love.

As for this, I don't know what to tell you. You should have left XP for 7. 7 killed anything and everything there was to love about it XP. 7 does anything XP does, better, faster, and a lot more securer. At this point it sounds like the problem of change is your issue, not the OS. Please understand I mean no offense, but that is the only thing that makes sense to me as why you wouldn't have changed. As for how 8 holds up, I will reserve my judgement till I actually get to use it for a little bit.


- I'll never understand the "it has office it's for creation" comments in relation to the iPad since you can read and write in Doc format from Pages.

Unless your business soley revolves around the Apple environment, then Pages and the like are worthless. Plus, on the iPad, pages doesn't come with it. You have to buy it, and if I remember correctly, you have to buy Pages, Numbers and what ever the PowerPoint equivalent separately. The RT CAME with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote 2013 loaded. These are the beta versions, but once they go live, you get a free upgrade. On top of that, M$ Office is the most widely used programs of their nature. Apples version holds no real accountable percentage of the market on this. On top of that, I recommend on the iPad getting Quick Office as opposed to any of the other Apple products, at least you can trade documents with the rest of the world that way. Beyond that, have you ever tried to actually be productive on an iPad. I mean seriously productive, not just responding to an email. But making a whole spread sheet, or writing a report for a cost/saving analysis. It's a goddamn nightmare. As much as Apple tries to pimp the iPad as a production type of device, it just isn't, it is much more of a consumption device

- I'm a big fan of using the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the iPad. It's the same keyboard they give out with iMacs and can't be beat. Check it out if you end up ditching the surface.

Have one, used it, it's ok. This surface keyboard has a little more AWESOME to it, mainly cause it's touch. All in all though, it's a keyboard, and until one will bring me a beer and give me head while I'm typing out posts, their really isn't much to say about them. But check out a surface you, you will be surprised.

- You *really* would have thought that Microsoft would have avoided getting heat from the EU and DOJ by not jamming Bing down as a search provider.

I understand why they want to push Bing, it's their product. Just like on iPads they push Safari but my hope is that Google will make an app for both Chrome and Google search soon. Otherwise, I totally agree with you.
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