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Passing on Andy Dalton!!

Pioli stopped by our tailgate group today and spent about 30 minutes just talking with us. Apparently he does this on a regular basis with this group we were hanging out with today but this was the first time I have seen him. Just to be clear, I am all for the "firing Pioli" movement but today's visit shed a different light on the whole situation. First off, Pioli is genuinely a nice guy. All BS aside he is just like any of us. Was really candid during his visits and spoke very frank and freely. Went onto say that he does not regret passing on Russell Wilson. His biggest concern was size and durability. Says that jury is still out on whether he will prove to be a legit NFL quarterback. He then said that if there was one thing he has regretted since being here it would be passing up on Andy Dalton. He also told the story of a fan threatening him and cussing him out in front of his 9 yr old daughter. Says that if he was not in the position he is in he would of laid hands on the guy!! (Thought that was pretty cool) Talked about how hard it was to explain to his 9 yr old why that happened and why people hate him. He talked about how it was not fair to throw Matt Cassell under the bus even though he is not doing well this year. These were the highlights of the conversation but not all of it. He then gave us each $100 KC Chiefs gift cards and told us to have a good time.

Take from this what you will but besides the cool conversation I really think that disrespecting ANYONE in front of their family let alone their child is absolutely assenine and I do not condone of such behavior! I would hope that whoever this idiot was that he is not a member of the planet. I still think its time for change like most of you but the message needs to be relayed in a civil manner ie Banners, twitter, blackouts etc, etc. that is all.
Hey, what did you mean when you said Tyler Wilson? I'm assuming that was a typo. Are you talking about Russell Wilson?
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