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Originally Posted by PGM View Post
They are
lol It's no wonder you guys haven't had a playoff win since 1994 and even during this admirable rebellion against the management, I read that you still aren't close to a blackout. You're all still in total denial. You're staring at one of the crappiest teams I've ever seen and insisting it's still the best team in the AFC West (or at least better than the AFC West leader)

Denver is statistically superior to the Chiefs in every category, offense, defense special teams. Consider also we've played tougher opponents, many on the road, who are toward the top of the league in both offense and defense. Despite this we're top ten in offense and defense.

Your team is the complete opposite. You haven't lead all year - ever. Your defense has had flashes, and admitedly poor offense and turnovers have hurt them. The thing is, we can say the same thing.

You're not that talented. I'd take our players over yours at almost every position except for maybe three: Safety, RB, and ILB.

You want a team that is REALL talented on defense and special teams but has a poor offense? Look at Chicago. That is what areal talented team is.

You can't have it both ways. You can't say Pioli is a bad general manager and then say he's "squandering all this awesome talent" he's assembled. There are more problems with your team than the QB.
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