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Have you played them before? If not, my opinion is the opposite of those posted above. I thought 1 was great in terms of introducing you to the way the world worked, but otherwise got to be WAY too repetitive. I loved 2 and am about halfway through Brotherhood at the moment and have liked those both far better.
No, I'd never played the games but have been told from a friend or two they're amazing and I need to get on them. Like I said, my friend has/is going to have the latest two so I figured it'd be pretty cheap to play the entire series so I ordered the first three.

They came in the mail last night so I played 1 for about an hour. It has surprisingly good graphics and is pretty smooth despite being an older game. Learning the controls and what they're making me do right now is a bit repetitive. Can't wait to get to the second and third ones though...
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