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After four eps, I like where this show is headed. My only complaint would be that the show has Arrow targeting a new billionaire bad guy of the week. That could get old soon - seriously, how many rich, corrupt bad guys are in this city?!

I do like that they're going for the Nolan-esq "no super powers" universe. I'm eager to see how they'll develop (Dinah) Laurel Lance; as to IF she'll become Black Canary in this series.

Per wiki, there's 10 eps this season. Hopefully, they'll start developing Merlin's (antagonist) character soon.

At first I didn't like the whole Green Arrow killing thing... but I've come to accept that that vigilante trait fits this character. Not a lot of "trick" arrows either, but that's OK. Also fits within the scheme of this rendition of Green Arrow.

I'm eager to see where this show will go.
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