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Von Miller talks 'Call of Duty,' 'Contra'

Von Miller’s obsession with playing “Call of Duty” comes down to one thing: competition.

“As athletes, we compete over everything, and a game like ‘Call of Duty’ is about as competitive as it gets,” Miller says when I ask about his favorite shoot-'em-up gaming franchise. “With the competitive aspect of the game, you can be down a couple of kills and you just want to come back. That’s what draws all athletes to ‘Call of Duty.’ There is just so much competitive spirit involved.”

Miller and his Denver Broncos teammates claim to be online firing virtual shots at each other all the time, with Miller preferring smaller assault weapons to the bigger sniper rifles.

“I like those compact sub-machine guns,” Miller says. “Pretty much everyone on the team plays, so it’s a lot of fun. We have a lot of time on our hands, and playing ‘Call of Duty’ is just what we do.

“When it comes to skills, I’m probably pretty average. Champ Bailey is the best at the game by far. I can definitely play a lot better, but I have to say, I like to sneak up behind Champ and get that buzz kill. He’s always on a roll, so you know when you get Champ, you’re having a good game.”

You say that the majority of Broncos play. Have you ever seen Peyton Manning out there sniping you in the game?

No, I’ve never played with Peyton Manning.

Think you can convince him to get on the battlefield?

Nah. [laughs]

So what type of “Call of Duty” player are you? Sniper? Camper? Or do you just run around crazy and knife people?

I camp sometimes just because I don’t like to get killed all the time. [laughs] When you’re on there with people who like to talk a lot of trash, I might camp a bit just to get some kills in and get my average up. I like to get in there and do the dirty work, too, so I can get on one of those kill streaks. You can’t get those kill streaks unless you’re out there really getting it, so I like to change my game up as I play.

It sounds like you’re a lot more intense on the NFL field than in the “Call of Duty” battlefields? I never saw you camp on defense.

No, sir. [laughs] No camping in the NFL.

I can't believe Von Miller is a ****ing camper . I hope he doesn't wear Ghost
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