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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
Gay marriage: Not a Federal matter and not part of the powers of a president to play a role except to veto any bill as violating state's rights.

Welfare: none, nada, zip; this includes grants, corporate, foodstamps, medicaid, section 8, social security, everything gone Okay but states do have authority to do these things under Federalism. I my state I really limit such things so it was not permanent.

Unions: public sector-gone, private sector-same as currently, up to the states
I agree with this but in a free country a person has a right to form or join a union.
What's wrong with them is that some force people to join them or they don't get hired.
Public sector unions....I completely oppose. ( don't know about a right to that )

Abortion: don't care- should be up to the states.

Firearms: no federal restrictions what so ever; if a state decides to enact some, that is their decision and the Supreme Court should rule against them.
The incorporation doctrine is bogus and the SC should not infringe on some modest regulations made by the states. The Constitution restrains the Federal govt primarily.
You know....seriously, you SHOULD have been born in the 1800s. Dead serious.
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