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Let me preface by saying I think all politicians are crooks, even Nixon!!!! With that being said I think most rational people could agree that the best economic times in our lifetime (depending on your age of course) was when Clinton was in office. His administration started with the country in a deficit and was at a nice surplus when he left. Everybody was making money if he/she invested appropriately and worked hard. Wages were up for the middle class while the upper class was also doing well. What changed was that CEO's and the 1% wanted more. They asked themselves what do we have to do to get more? The answer was to put politicians in place who could create policies to put more into their pockets. How do we do that they would ask? We will need to spend some to make even more, is what they said. By spending they meant donate it to the politicians we can buy who will help further our agendas. Such as allow super PAC's so as much money that can be gathered can go to our candidates, take away baragining rights so the 99% can not be organized against us and make sure we can get away with paying less of a % of taxes than the majority of citizens and when that happens you can get some of what you spent back!!!! We can also keep corporate taxes down so when we can ship jobs to China and put hard working Americans out of work we won't have to pay fees to move that work. When the work gets to China we can pay them $0.99 per hour instead of $20.00 per hour with a retirement and medical like we do here in America.

People, the list goes on and on. As I stated, they are all crooks but unless you are one of the 1% the Republicans are not your friend. These elections are not about you and me. They are about economics, ego and control. The 1% will never be satisfied with making millions of dollars. They want to keep it from everybody else so they are not comprimised. They do not want you any more successfull than we are today because the more that are wealthy takes away from their control. Without, what is their idea of control, their ego is gone and they, in their minds, are less than. They will do everything to keep that control.

When less people are working, for less money, as in todays society there is less going back into the state and federal governments. That is no secret but to say we need more jobs is a blind statement that needs more depth. Allowing jobs to be sent overseas, allowing the 1% to hide money overseas, allowing a much greater flow of goods to come into our country than what goes out, is a travesty. Craeting part time work or jopbs that are at minimum wage does not cut it. We need family wage jobs and every company out there is looking for a way to send that work someplace where it can be done for cheaper. Let's face it, buying a Nissan in America is B.S. Buy Chevy, Ford or anything but quit buying this crap from overseas. We are Americans and we do not support Americans, but we should. The rest of the world laughs at us. Much of what we earn goes somewhere else. We, as a society do not reinvest in our own society like we should. I do not believe the Republican party wants anything to do with keeping jobs in America. They are more about making money for the rich than for making sure we all can prosper.

When Mr. Ropmney spoke at one of the debates he said that small business need tax breaks so they can hire more people. I do not believe that is what happens. The small business owners stash that money away for themselves and ask their employees to work longer hours if it starts getting busier. Then they come out and say we can't afford pay increases and ask you for a pay cut and then say that you should feel lucky to have a job! That is such B.S. it makes me sick.

Has Mr. Obama been a great president? No, I do not believe so, but I also know that if the Senate and House would actually work together as they did during the Clinton administration, this country could get back to what it once was. Mr. Obama could have accomplished more. He is being held back by the right not wanting to give an inch and we are all suffering because of it. Think about that. If the right is causing this stalemate then why would anybody want to vote for anyone in that party? Their way or the highway. That is not what this country was built on. It was built by people having different views and working together to come to a compromise to better the citizens of this country. That is not what is happening today. I am sorry to say that I do not believe Mr. Romney is in this for me or my family, he is in it for Donald Trump and those types of families. They contribute huge amounts of money for Mr. Romney's ego and control.
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