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I'm concerned about specific items.

I'm concerned about the escalation of the national debt for entitlement programs and political glad handing projects for votes.

The fiscal cliff.......the national budget...........national debt. Address those.

I'm concerned, probably my biggest concern about the SCOTUS nominees that will be appointed during this term. This is the area where I think the POTUS can do the most harm as I see it.

I'm concerned about tax policies, not because I'm wealthy and anticipate a hit, but because I want this economy to rebound and I am in complete disagreement with the Obama strategy.

I'm concerned about the ever increasing burden on the producers in this country by those who choose NOT to pull their weight, as evident in the large expansion of welfare recipients. If you can afford an Iphone...I don't need to feed and house you.

I'm concerned about our position and reputation in the world. Weakness is not what I'd prefer our nation show in negotiations with harder nosed countries. Bending to Vladmir Putin on missile defense and China trade policy being among the biggest concerns.

Obama has confirmed his views on the 2nd amendment and gun control. This is an area where his decisions and appointments to the SCOTUS are the most concerning to me.

The farm bill should now be addressed, since the election is over and now politicians can let their balls back out of their cavity. This bill affects so many issues, and there needs to be serious reform in welfare and subside payments where they aren't needed.

Now that he's not campaigning, it would be nice to see Obama pay attention and demonstrate some of that Transparency he's talked about but not followed through on........start with Fast and Furious and Libya.

Convince me these are issues I should not be concerned about, and I'll start being a little less angry and disappointed in last nights' outcome. Gridlock is the best thing that can happen.
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