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Originally Posted by frazod View Post
Anybody who compares these two things is a fool. Not at all surprised that you did it.

Let's see, what's more important to me:

1. Being able to defend myself, my family, my home and my stuff.

2. Butting into the lives of people I'll never meet and don't give a shit about and telling them they've gotta have that baby because apparently it's in the bible somewhere. And GOD SENDING THEM TO HELL FOREVER just isn't punishment enough, either.

What you fail to understand....I am talking about AS A POLITICAL ISSUE, to be used by the party. Not any phony moral equivalence you imagine me implying.

Of course, there is little similarity otherwise. However, not understanding how wedge issues are used by politicians in elections to manipulate voters....that has led to one party or the other, pulling the wool over voters eyes--with their complete cooperation, BTW. The GOP just got punked in this election, on abortion (legitimate rape/will of God crap)...and it cost them dearly.

Notice that Dems didn't waste much time or energy on gun-control this time?

Originally Posted by Bob Dole View Post
Pretty sure the party is still just as beholden.

The change came about because the groups finally immigrated and reproduced themselves into the majority.

Some truth to what you are saying, perhaps; but the GOP hasn't figured out how to deal with that. That and Dems began to court white middle-class working people again...after alienating them for 20 years.
Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of a leader, it's a lethal cocktail. --Grayden Carter

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