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'I have always been a "What happens on the BB, stays on the BB.", I could meet anyone of you, no matter how often we argued on the BB I would never hold a grudge to you personally.'- Morph

****I can confirm this is the total truth in regards to Morph. The two times we met I could not believe he was the same guy I wanted to cyberstrangle.

'but this is still just a BB and name calling is nothing but words. I'm all for beating him down, he deserved it 1000%. But nobody should fear their job because they stopped here to have some fun.

I'm sure who ever did it feels pretty guilty, I doubt the admins will do anything. I hope next time the guy just trys to get the guy banned, it isn't that difficult.'- Morph


I hope its just the off season because the direction of this board of late has been downright depressing...

personal attacks instead of responding to the actual posts, hurling anti-American insults at people, suggesting the removal of members who do not post (guess free speech is mandatory on this board. Speak or be free... ) and now following a member off the board and locating their personal info with a malicious intent...cyberstalking.

I hope its just the offseason and this board gets back to its senses when the season kicks off.
Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

BigChiefDave:"Anyone who thought we would only be in Iraq for a few years is either stoned or just stoopid."
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