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While I dont agree with Amnesty, i do agree that this needs to be addressed. What baffles me is how the Republicans completely ignored it and overwhelmingly lost the latino vote.

Latinos don't care about Obama. They don't care that he's black (like black people do), they're going to vote for the guy who actually takes the time to acknowledge them and put forth the effort to fix this problem.

If Romney would've came out and said Immigration reform was a priority, and gave an outline on how he could make a pathway to citizenship for these people, he would've won the Latino vote.

Instead, he ignored them. Naturally, they vote Obama for the small pin hole sized light of hope that he gives them, opposed to Romney who did nothing.
The Latinas that work for me don't care, they have it engrained to always vote democrat. I've argued with them until I was blue in the face and they won't change. It would take some pretty monumental concessions to get them to switch their vote.
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