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Sorry dude, Just go get your 99 weeks and start looking
Those days are long past.

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Good luck in you job search. Suffice it to say, when you break through and have a better job, I hope you can look back on this and realize you're better off. I know bad management, I deal with it every day. I know know spineless leadership, I'm subject to it daily. I know weak people, they hide behind bad and incomplete decisions and solutions and claim they're forward thinking. Trust me, in this day and age, weak leadership is more pervasive than ever.

Good luck man....

Go Chiefs (next year!)...
You know, I see this a lot, and as a guy who's been on both sides of the fence let me say something without you personally taking offense to it, because it's not directed at you.

People tend to overvalue their own worth, and undervalue the worth of others they work with. It's a natural thing for people to do, and is a part of the human condition of me first. No one is invaluable. There is always someone who can do what you do, and often times are willing to do it cheaper. That's not to say that your statement is invalid. Of course it's valid. But you hear a million times more people saying this, versus what can I do to better this company, and my role in it? How can I make my bosses job easier?

And I'll be honest, the ones who do the latter, tend to move up and become those "ineffective poor leaders" that everyone else talks about.

Again, not directed at you Glorydayz, just a general observation.
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