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The guy got his hand slapped by his boss. Obviously, he wasn't fired or even in severe trouble because he continued to monitor the board from work after his boss received the email. You needn't worry that he's going to be fired.

Here's what happened.

He registered and started 9 or 10 topics about how stupid everything associated with the Chiefs, KC, and this board was....

Then he started a thread about how stupid the Planet's admins were.

Then I got online about an hour later and checked his registration. Moron registered from his actual work email address. From that, I found his full name. I posted a Thread calling him out by name and asked him to cool it and talk football. The mob took it from there and really, really embarrassed him.

Then he started sending me email DEMANDING that I remove everything OR ELSE.

I informed him that he might ought to try using a little honey instead of vinegar and he posted this apology thread. Then I locked any thread containing his personal information.

I will not be sharing the identity of the person who sent the email to his boss. Suffice it to say, they feel badly and wanted to "out" themselves to the board, but I advised against doing so. They learned a lesson from it. Don't bother guessing who it is because it would take you 2000 tries. Slayer, it's not the same guy who did the Slayer spoof.

In the future, please don't email the trolls if their email addresses become available. I used his full name and it was effective. He stopped posting the spam immediately after seeing my post to him. Generally, I ban these people on site, but I thought it would be nice to hear the perspective of a Philly fan on the Barber signing. Too bad it ended badly.
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