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Speaking of which ...

I have nothing but admiration for our fabulously talented mods. With the exception of Mr. Phobia, they do a fantastic job that, far too often, goes both unnoticed and under-appreciated.

However, I don't understand why Mr. Hootie can no longer come out to play while Mr. BlackBob is allowed to remain a Planeteer in good standing ... especially after Mr. BlackBob's threats to sue everybody and call down ball lightning upon the server.

I guess I just don't understand the standards used to determine which posters are acceptable and which are not. Then again, maybe I just miss Mr. Hootie and would like to see him and Mr. BlackBob discuss the meaning of life over a couple of beers.

The difference is that Mr. Blackbob is on his first second chance. But if somebody catches Mr. Blackbob violating our policies, I'd be happy to pull the plug.
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