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Originally posted by Go_Bo_Go

i don't have any idea what you're doing up at this ungodly hour, and i sure as chit don't know what i'm still doing up at this hour...

suffice it to say that i'm very, very tired... i'm been on the planet since this philly troll first arrived this morning and my tippy typpy fingers are about ready to fall off, so help a poor tired old confused man out here, over-my-head...

if you're not defending the goof, doesn't that suggest that you'd be saying that what he said wasn't as bad as some of the chit we say about chokeland? but i think you said, our comments about raider-land are "tame" compared to what philly troll said about kc...

so which is it? obviously, i'm confused (not an unusual state, i admit), i don't think i know for sure what you're trying to say...

help an old fart out here, what do you say?
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