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Originally posted by EBOLA

so is it alright to start calling you *****ing canuck???

-EBOLA- ... j/k
Well actually to call a "spade a spade"..A canuck is more somone from Upper Canada..IE: Ontairo/Manitoba...then we got our "prarie dog's from Sask/ALbt...and left coasters from B.ring C.ash..
the maritimes NS/PEI/and NB are "Maritimers"..while t floks over here in Newfoundland are more commonly called "Newfi's"

Call me anything ya want actually...I don't give a flying rusty Fug!..
And I must say,,,,I do love the origionality in here...Hell in teh last 2 years I've been called stuff I had to look up in the dictionary

And just as a side note...I know of late my posts may seem to be trending towards "suck up mode"..In all actualyity it's just that I've finally realised that if ya can't take a joke and make fun of yer self...then it's time to go get a life
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