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Originally Posted by FAX View Post
Many, many thanks, Mr. TEX, for sharing this information.

It colors in the lines and confirms the basic story of events we assumed took place. Although Orton wasn't an ideal solution for us, both of these players would have and should have remained with the team. The fact that the opportunity was there and we were unable or unwilling to find a workable compromise is nothing short of horrible, in my view. Inexcusable, really.

The more I learn about Pioli and the strange philosophy behind his inexplicable actions, the less I like him. When you consider the fact that I already despise him, that's kind of amazing. I didn't know I had the capacity for this amount of sheer hate. He is a freaking cancer on the franchise and he is killing us.

Anytime - the deal was that both players were very cool and willing to talk to me because they could tell that my interest in the Chiefs was genuine and that I had invested in a lifetime of fandom. There were no reporters - just people talking football. All of my co-workers were talking to Jerry Jones, Romo, Witten, Austin, Bryant, etc. Guys like Orton and Carr aren't well known -so they were easy to approach and had plenty of time to talk.
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