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not a bad article... I give him alot credit for acknoweldgeing that muslims once respected America, before the boomer generation went off the deep end...but it's just more par for the course...Muslims are now the new victim role model for the left.. . The self loathing white guilt dems(see Kotter, BRC) will carry their water for them...just keep demonzing God and Christians so they can move in...there is a method to their madness..they're patient till the percentages are in their favor.

Muslims treatment of gays? No problem.
Muslims treatment of women? No problem.
Muslims are peaceful, even though eighty percent of conflicts in the world involve them. No problem.
Arabic name for black means slave.No problem

The Republicans war on women!
The Republicans war on gays!
The Republicans war on blacks!

..the left will stay in campaign mode, attacking God and Christians, while simultaneously being abhorred if you say anything bad about Muslims or the nation of Islam...with some even claiming its the same God.

The goal is world domination. deny it if you want.
Love thy neighbor
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