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As more information comes to the light about the Obama administration's Benghazi cover-up, a former Navy SEAL officer who once took a military detachment to Libya suggests President Barack Obama was either AWOL -- essentially an "empty chair" -- or deliberately denied Americans under siege in Benghazi the aid they needed by not authorizing "cross-border authority," without which rescue operations could have taken place.


General David Petraeus has said the stand-down order did not come from the CIA and, as Bracken notes, "only the national security team at the White House" outranks the CIA. "That means President Obama, and nobody else," Bracken writes. "Petraeus is naming Obama without naming him."

There is more in the story above. As I understand it the chain of command is POTUS-DNI-Patreus. The DNI could be likened to the SecDef when talking about the Navy and Army. If someone has a clearer understanding of the chain of command please feel free to chime in.
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